"Simon is a calm, thoughtful,

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Remember - When people are scared their ANGER is often not far away! And when people are VERY scared..............

Anger affects how we react, how we interact and how we understand ourselves and those around us. Your anger is a natural and valid feeling but can lead to pain and destruction. By learning how to control your angry reactions I can offer you skills and ideas to control your anger and improve the quality of your life.

As best I can, and depending on demand, I am offering you a single FREE 10 minute confidential consultation - this is for your support if things get tough and you want an expert opinion - you do not need to sign up to the 15 session course on offer.

Please text me first on 07811 589431 to book a slot - thank you.

*URGENT - PLEASE NOTE that if you tell me anything at all that is a safeguarding issue or worries me - specifically about someone you might hurt or be hurting, or if you are hurting or plan to hurt yourself, or any children/adults that are in danger, or if anything you are doing is illegal I will pass this information immediately to the relevant authorities (Police, Social Care, NSPCC etc).                                                                                                                                                                              

URGENT 2 - PLEASE NOTE - For safety reasons we are not able to work with anyone who is dependent on non–prescribed drugs or alcohol.

Following a successful remote 'Assessment' session we offer the following ongoing support: Anger Management E-Course - Facetime/Skype sessions from your own home/office) - 15 sessions (40 minutes) Cost - £35 per session (payable in advance).

We do have a sliding scale of fees for people on low income and can discuss this with you.

Rules of Anger Management

RULE Number 1 - if I am going to explode I MUST get out of the situation and calm down! Others around me MUST let me go! I MUST promise them I will return when calm. And if on my return I am going to explode again I MUST get out of the situation AGAIN! When I get really angry I REGRESS and can easily become violent! - I GET LITTLE and become a kid throwing a tantrum! I owe it to others and myself to stay GROWN UP! Violence often comes from out of control anger.

RULE Number 2 - Alcohol and drugs will reduce my threshold to holding my ANGER in. Reducing your intake at this dangerous time is most strongly advised.

Coronavirus update - FREE 10 minute confidential* conversation if you are struggling with your ANGER at this time.


Where there is anger there is hope!